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  • Hinsdale Furriers

    Hinsdale Furriers



    About Us

    Located in downtown Hinsdale since 1952, Hinsdale Furriers is a reliable source for purchasing and servicing fur garments. They are a 4th generation family owned and operated full service furrier that offers on site storage, cleaning, repairs, remodeling, appraisals and resale for your furs. They also offer a wide selection of new and used garments at competitive prices. Susie Duboe Bryant and Melissa Waters, co-owners of Hinsdale Furriers, are proud to admit that Hinsdale Furriers is a well-known and trusted business that has become a staple in the downtown business district of Hinsdale. Hinsdale Furriers is currently managed by Melissa Waters, the 4th generation in the family and intends to keep the business new and fresh for many years to come.


    Inside the showroom
    Window Display
    Sheared Mink Jacket
    Ranch Mink Coat with Sable Trim
    Gray Swakara Coat
    Shearling Jacket
    Sheared Mink Jacket
    Wool Hat with Fur Pom
    Leather Gloves with Mink Trim
    Rex Rabbit Scarf
    Fox Headband
    Fox Keychains